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Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Nashua, New Hampshire

Kim Burkland-Ward LICSW Certified IFS Therapist Boston Nashua

You live in New Hampshire, Michigan, or Massachusetts and you want to better understand yourself, your feelings, and your triggers. You want to better outcomes and communication with your important relationships. You want gain control over your anxiety and finally resolve some of these old wounds you’ve been carrying that lead to low self-worth and depressed mood. To self-soothe you find yourself overeating and coping with a negative self image. You finally want a healthy relationship. You’re motivated and high achieving in important areas of your life, but the negative self talk and struggles you’ve had are holding you back from feeling confident and at ease. You still can’t seem to feel good enough and you hope no one discovers that you feel like an imposter. You deserve more inner peace!

Hi, I'm Kim! I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Michigan specializing in compassionate and non-pathologizing psychotherapy with adults ages 18+ for the past 13 years. I help people stuck in negative patterns of thinking and behaviors that cause them depression and anxiety. I help people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and create a safe space to empower them to make profound and transformational changes in thinking patterns. While I had a previous corporate career and consulting, for the last 13 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have helped people heal from trauma, toxic relationships, emotional abuse and neglect, depression, anxiety, worry, negative thinking, and low self-worth.  


My clients say I'm warm, supportive, and have made positive changes in their life and found solutions to tough problems through working with me. I have also served on the Adjunct Faculty at Rivier University Department of Social Work.  I have over 20 years experience of providing training and consulting in communications, learning & organizational development for large corporations, municipalities, and health care facilities.  I have been an HR Learning and Communications Consultant to major corporations in the Boston area.  I have produced and taught hundreds of workshops and facilitated team building sessions highly praised by participants.  I graduated with a Master of Arts in Communication from Syracuse University and a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Boston University.

Trainings and Certifications

I work from the Internal Family Systems model (IFS) and am a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist. I use and am trained in EMDR and I am Certified in Gentle Reprocessing.  Additionally I am trained: in Solutions-Focused Therapy Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness techniques. With couples, I have earned a Certificate in the Treatment of Couples from Boston University. I work primary from the Gottman Method and IFIO (IFS for couples called Intimacy from the Inside Out).  Learn more about my specific training here.

My training highlights include:

  • Certificate in the Treatment of Couples, Boston University 2015-2016 

  • Certified IFS Therapist, 2020 

  • Certified in Gentle Reprocessing, 2017

  • Approved IFS Consultant, 2023 

  • IFS Step-by-Step with Richard Schwartz, PhD. 2015 

  • Introduction to IFS at the Cape Cod Institute with Richard Schwartz Ph.D., 2016 

  • Level 1 IFS Training Program, 2017-2018 

  • Level 2  Deeping and Expanding with IFS, 2018 

  • Level 2: IFS for Treating Addictions and Eating Disorders, 2020 

  • Level 3 IFS Training Program, 2023 

  • EMDR Basic Training 1, 2020 

  • EMDR Basic Training 2, 2021 

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder: Valuable Perspectives from Structural Dissociation, Ego State and EMDR Therapies, 2022  

  • EMDR: The Flash Technique: Basic Principles and Protocols, 2022 

My experience assisting with trainings as a professional consultant:

  • Program Assistant for IFS Level 1 Training Program held at Central Connecticut State University, IFS Institute 2019- 2020 

  • Program Assistant for IFS Level 2 Training Program held at at Central Connecticut State University, IFS Institute 2022-2023 

Program Guide with Bruce Hersey and Lois Erhmann at Nachas Consulting: 

  • IFS Intensive Intro 3 day workshop: Lakewood, New Jersey, 2019 

  • IFS Intensive Intro 3 day workshop: Kiamesha Lake, New York, 2019 

  • Introduction to Internal Family Systems: Working systemically with the inner parts of the person, Online, 4 day workshop workshop 2020 

  • Introduction to Internal Family Systems: Working systemically with the inner parts of the person., Online, 4 day workshop workshop 2021 

Program Guide with Syzygy Institute: 

  • IFS for EMDR Therapists, 2-day workshop, 2022 

  • IFS Informed EMDR, 2-day workshop, 2022 

What It's Like Working With Me

I have a real passion for working with people! All my life I have enjoyed learning in-depth about people, cultures, and family systems. I'm fascinated with human development, thinking patterns and belief systems and the amazing ability of human beings to heal not only physically but also psychically.  I’m inspired daily seeing our natural healing power in action within the clients I work with. 


For me, psychotherapy is not about judging or pathologizing my clients, it’s about helping them over come their own fears and barriers to guiding them through the proven method to self-healing and self-empowerment. 


In the initial consult over the phone I’ll ask questions and provide answers to questions you might have. In the first few sessions I start to get to know you. I use an online system for intake paperwork which really gets us started so we can have a treatment plan by the end of our first session.  By the end of the second session the vast majority of my clients begin to experience IFS or EMDR and it’s benefits. For more detailed specifics please check out my FAQs.   

Ready to start your healing journey with online counseling in NH, MA, or MI?

Contact me here so we can discuss your needs, and book a free 15 minute consultation!

Looking for more information? Check out my resources and helpful guides!

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