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Are you looking for a way to heal and maintain your inner peace in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Michigan? Seeking therapy can be a vulnerable and daunting experience. I want to make sure you feel heard, understood, and supported. By having experience and specialization in the leading psychotherapy methods, we can work closely together to identify your goals and help you see results!

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Psychotherapy Services


Transform and Empower Yourself With Proven Methods Specific to Your Needs

 IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy are two of the leading therapeutic approaches used to effectively treat a variety of issues.

IFS therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on identifying and addressing the different parts of a person's psyche, also known as internal "parts." These parts may represent different emotions, beliefs, or experiences. Through IFS therapy, the therapist works with the client to develop a better understanding of their internal parts and to help you access your own self-healing potential. Through IFS not only will you "rewire your brain" but you'll also have a method of self-therapy to apply going forward in life.

EMDR therapy  is a form of therapy that uses eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation to help the brain process traumatic or distressing memories or difficult emotions.  EMDR therapy can quickly reduce the negative emotional and physiological responses associated with these memories.  Both methods allow you to move forward in life with greater emotional regulation, resilience and inner peace!

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Areas of Psychotherapy Services

Mental Health Disorders

Personal Issues

Relationship Counseling

Trauma and Grief

IFS Training Certification Massachusetts Michigan, Find a good therapist near you

Professional Consulting

Are you a therapist looking to upgrade your practice by becoming IFS certified? As a professional IFS consultant, I will help you meet the 15 hours of clinical supervision required to meet IFS certification. Contact me today to start your training journey so we can create more healing together.

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